Feng Shui Wines is a unique collaboration between the famous Feng Shui Master & Artist, Yun Long Zi (founder of the prestigious Lotus on Water Gallery) and van Hamersveld Wines. We met in 2005, me being his first overseas client, and it was then when the idea arose to one day assemble THE perfect glass of wine to celebrate prosperity and longevity.

Together with award winning sommelier Britt Ng we assembled a very special wine, from a handpicked location in South-Africa, especially for you.

Prosper and Enjoy!

Now available in asia and europe... Shiraz/Merlot/Pinotage

To this very special blend of Shiraz/Merlot we added Pinotage, South Africa's signature grape variety. The result is an elegant but fullbodied wine with notes of mocca, sweet spices and zesty red berries.

First in the world!

The classic waxed capsule and exclusive bottle already shows that this wine is special. We can proudly claim that the label is unique in it's kind. By using special UV-ink, just like Feng-Shui Master & Artist Yun Long Zi does on his paintings, the label changes enchantingly when using black light. Longevity, Prosperity, Wealth and Happiness are just keywords Master Yun brings to you!