Welcome to the World of Award Winning Van Hamersveld Wines!

The ancient woods of Drie and Leuvenum in The Netherlands is where the legacy of Van Hamersveld wines begins!

Me (Kees van Hamersveld) and my partner (Tai van Lu) are the proud owners of prestigious hotels and restaurants. For the past 20 years we have had everyday pleasure in pampering our guests in every way possible with the very best ingredients and products we can find.

In our quest to find the ultimate glass of wine we teamed up with Janneke Rutten (Owner of Intense Wines , Agricultural Engineer, MBA, Winemaker and pioneer in organic and FairTrade wines).

Together we have been travelling around the world to find the very best vineyards. In South-Africa we assembled a gastronomic line of INTENSE wines, which were all awarded Double Gold, Gold and Silver by CWSA, the biggest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in Hong Kong and China. In France we found one of the oldest still producing vineyards in the World where OLD VINES of over 100 years old gave us the opportunity to make a mindblowing exclusive blend of indiginous grapes.